Traditional Spiced Mutton


Ingredients :

  • Organic mutton joint (leg or shoulder)
  • ground black pepper
  • powdered thyme
  • ground mace
  • fine oatmeal
  • mutton dripping (or other fat)
  • cabbage
  • cider

Bone the joint, rub it well with black pepper, a little powdered thyme, a pinch of mace and fine oatmeal - do not use salt. Wrap the whole in cabbage leaves, and cover in foil (traditionally the meat would have been thickly covered in mutton fat). Roast very slowly, allowing 20 minutes/lb of meat. Baste well at least twice during cooking and when basted add a cupful of cider to the fat in the pan. It can be eaten either hot or cold.
This recipe was a common way to prepare roast mutton in the UK until the War.

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