About Us

Graig Farm Organics, based in stunning Montgomeryshire, continues the Welsh tradition of tasty, award winning produce. The farm in Mochdre, Montgomeryshire has been in the family since the 1940’s, and Jonathan Rees, the proprietor of Graig Farm Organics, has lived there all of his life. The farm is very much a family affair, with Jonathan’s parents continuing an active role, and his wife Sally and three young sons, Maldwyn, Max and Archie, And Daughter Annie also involved!

Did you know that a third of the sheep in Britain & almost a quarter of its cows live in Wales?

You only have to look at the beautiful mountains and valleys to understand why this unique environment is so well suited to farming and why meat from Wales has a worldwide reputation for quality.

For many years, Jonathan has had a passion for organic farming. It was his dream to produce great tasting produce without the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilisers, growth promoting drugs, routine use of antibiotics, and the large amount of additives often used in ‘non-organic’ methods. In 1999 the family achieved their ambition to farm organically, and have not looked back since. They take pleasure in watching their lambs and cattle graze on lush pastures full of grasses, clovers and herbs, and the pigs forage in the woods.

Organic Produce at Graig Farm

All of the butchery and processing is carried out at the new processing facilities on the farm. The Head Butcher, Mariusz Hetman, and his team ensure that high standards are achieved and maintained at all times. Jonathan and his family have won a series of prestigious awards, including the ‘True Taste’ awards, in recognition of the quality of their organic meat. Welsh lamb is argued to be the best in the world and the Rees’ have won awards for their lamb five times. This year they won the Silver Award for their organic lamb, and last year achieved the top prize for their organic sirloin of lamb.

Buy Online From Graig Farm

The Graig Farm Organics online shop allows the Rees family to provide their award winning produce to the public. Offering an extensive range of products from their own farm and from other fully traceable organic sources, now you are able to purchase produce such as, organic meat, organic vegetables, organic wine & spirits and much more. By working together we believe we can produce the quality products along with the exemplary services our customers want, and indeed deserve.

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