The Traditional Roast Leg of Mutton


The way the leg of Welsh Mountain mutton would have been prepared for cooking for George Burrows in the 1860's when he toured Wales, and eulogised about Welsh mutton, would probably have been thus:
The shank should be removed, broken up and boiled separately, to be used for stock to make gravy. The joint should then be rubbed with ground pepper; then covered with mutton fat and flour
For cooking, place in a baking tray into a pre-heated oven at 350 degrees F or gas mark 4, allowing 40-45 minutes per lb. An alternative method is to start the joint off in a hotter oven at 500 degrees F (gas mark 10), leaving for 15 minutes or until brown. Then reduce to heat to 350 degrees (mark 4). The time for this method should be 25-30 minutes per lb.

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