Mutton Broth


From ancient times, "broth" meant the liquor of all meat. However as mutton was nearly always boiled, it was most likely to produce broth. In the medieval kitchen, the communal pot would have held a number of foods being cooked, and therefore the broth would have been a mixture of sources. When mutton broth was specially required, the following recipe would he used:
Ingredients :

The mixture would be covered in a pan with water; and simmered until the bones were clean and the vegetables soft. The mixture was then strained into a basin. Next day the fat would be skimmed off, and the clear broth poured into a pan to heat up with a handful of barley and pieces of meat and vegetables. The broth was again simmered until the barley was soft, and the broth served in bowls with pepper, salt and oatcakes.
Probably most of the kings of England were reared upon this form of mutton broth.

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