The Organic Harvest


Harvesting organically means there is no extra method other than cutting, drying, and bailing. It’s the ingredients that make it all the difference, however.
Tyn y Fron was formerly farmed by my Great Uncle Pugh, whose farming methods were far from modern. He remained farming here for 45 years as a bachelor and the great news is that he never exhausted the soils. Although he did not have organic status it would have been well deserved.
Harvesting today at Tyn Y Fron has changed little. I have delight in making hay as our crops are enriched with wild grasses, flowers and herbs. Meadow Fescue, Cocks Foot, Vetch, Yorkshire Mist, Red Fescue, Montgomery Red (clover), and many more… not to mention the bouquet of meadow flowers it has to offer. Many of those mentioned are present as a result of under grazing.
So today we are busy turning the grass to ensure the hay is making (hay making) and that's as simple as getting all the green grasses exposed to the sun.
I feel that the farming methods we achieve must continue as they play a vital role in the health of our livestock. There are so many herbs and medicinal plants in the meadow that naturally help to maintain healthy livestock. I also believe we have award winning, tasty meat as a result.
Back to work.
Jonathan Rees

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