Is Raw Pet Food Good for Dogs?

Is Raw Pet Food Good for Dogs?

A balanced diet is crucial for maintaining good health and sustaining an active lifestyle. When it comes to your dog, choosing the diet they get to eat is as important as your own. Dogs have their own health, allergies, behaviour, and lifestyle that needs to be accommodated with a good balanced diet. 

This is where many have started to turn to the raw dog food diet. Essentially, this diet discards standard dog kibble, and instead uses fresh, freeze-dried, or dehydrated raw meat for dogs

We’ve seen a significant increase in customers ordering our minced offal, organic meat and whole organic bones for their dogs, and we’re all for it! There are many benefits of raw dog food diets that we’ll discuss in this blog, and perhaps by the end you may try it out for yourself.

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That being said, it is important to discuss any changes to your dog’s diet with your vet. Some dog breeds have delicate digestive systems and cannot immediately start eating organic raw dog food. Furthermore, other health conditions related to diabetes, dental disease, or immunosuppression require you to avoid certain ingredients or preparation methods to ensure the health and safety of your dog.


Raw Meat for Dogs is Not a New Thing

In older times, before the industrial revolution and supermarkets, people fed their dogs raw meat. Most commonly, dogs were fed minced offal and trim, raw bones, and even lard. Poorer families that could not get enough meat would have included cooked egg, grain, and vegetables to create their organic food for dogs

Many are choosing the raw dog food diet as a way to return to nature and go organic, just by doing what their ancestors did centuries ago. You can buy high quality organic meat from farms like ours, where we ensure our meat is healthy and safe to eat raw.


Digestive Benefits of Raw Dog Food

Your standard dog kibble is packed with sugars, grains, bulkers, and preservatives, with the protein content ranging from 18-50%. These foods are very carb heavy, which we know can result in digestive issues, bloating, and flatulence.

Raw organic dog food has more protein and fats, which is easier for dogs to digest. Some modern organic raw dog food recipes even include dog-safe organic vegetables because they contribute dietary fibres, which can aid digestion. Again, you should talk with your vet to see if they are appropriate for your pup.


Organic Food for Dogs Benefits Dental Hygiene and Joint Health

Aside from being packed with sugars and carbs that aren’t good for teeth, normal dog food doesn’t guarantee the nutrition your dog needs for their dental health. The calcium whole organic bones provide is essential for maintaining dog teeth enamel and joints. In addition, gnawing on bones is how dogs keep their teeth and gums healthy normally.

It’s important to give bones that are raw or aren’t too small for your dog. Cooked bones can splinter and potentially injure your dog’s digestive system. Small bones risk being swallowed whole, which isn’t ideal if you want to use them as chew toys. We offer you a choice of different animal bones to buy, so that you can get the right size for your needs.


Organic Raw Dog Food Raises Energy Levels the Right Way

Healthy proteins and fats in a balanced ratio to carbohydrates helps ensure your dog maintains a healthy amount of muscles and body fat. Plus, fewer sugars and additives can mean less hyperactivity. The benefits of raw dog food is therefore that it helps your dog maintain a consistent level of energy throughout the day.


Buy Organic Food for Dogs from Graig Farm

These are just a few of the many benefits said to come from feeding a raw food diet. Not to mention, the fact that your pets deserve good food, just as you do. At Graig Farm, we believe organic food raised the right way is better for everyone. Every cut of organic meat we produce is high-quality and safe for dogs to eat raw.

See how organic is better for your dogs health as well as your own. We have an amazing selection of cuts, bones, and raw meat for dogs available, perfect to make organic raw dog food with.

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