Preparing for Winter


Here we are hitting September and so many things to be done on the farm in readiness for winter.
Our list of jobs to do:

  • Lift the spuds
  • Cut firewood for winter
  • Fence the meadow to stop the cattle getting out
  • Fence around the round bale silage
  • Put up a new tractor shed
  • New water pipe from the well

And many more…
Potatoes are on the menu with 40% off.
With the weather being so wet the crop has not grown as well as usual, however they do not lack flavour.   Tasty with home-cured Graig Farm bacon and some beetroot relish.
Cooking and Keeping Warm
The firewood has to be gathered to heat the farm house during the winter months.  The old saying is: fire wood heats you up three times;

  • splitting it
  • bringing it into the house
  • and burning it

The Rayburn is the means of converting the wood into hot water.  Every kg of dry timber will convert to 4-5 kw of heat. Coal is 1 kg to 6kw and 1 kg of oil = 10 kw.
And of course the main reason to have timber to heat the Rayburn is to cook all that delicious food we produce in the oven.
Well best get going, lots to do!

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