Jonathan called out to shear


What a day, shearing day!
The day started at 6 a.m. getting ready for a big day, necessary props: Towel and Drinking Water.
This is a little frightening as a boxer takes the same props to the ring.
Some shearing facts
Time to shear 1 ewe:
Beginner - 15 minutes per ewe = 30 per day
Good shearer - 3 minutes per ewe = 150 per day
Semi-professional - average 1 minute 20 seconds per ewe = 300 per day (I can manage this)
Professionals - 1 ewe every minute and can do 500 per day. These are athletes of shearers
The method is to catch the ewe and shear it and then wait for the ewe to be pitched (sticky mark) by one of the older members of the family (my Father) with the mark 'R' to resemble 'Rees' (our surname).
The fleece gets taken and wrapped up and put into a large bag called a 'wool-bag'. The weight of the fleece is about 1kg and we can sell it for about £2.00 a fleece.
Years ago shearing day would consist of about 20 people (all family), and food was the rate of pay.
Today the good food is still available, however the shearer gets paid about 90p per ewe plus the food, we’ve never had it so good!
I myself used to shear a few thousand in a season however I have long since hung up my towel and only very seldom get back involved.

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