Pesticides and Meat - What You Need To Know

Pesticides and Meat - What You Need To Know

Many of us will already know that pesticides are commonly used during farming to help protect fruit and vegetables from pests and insects. But did you know that those same pesticides can also have an effect on the meat we eat? Although there is often a lot of news coverage surrounding the use of pesticides on fruits and vegetables, it is also worth knowing that livestock can be affected by the use of chemicals during farming too.
What Pesticides Are Used?
Common pesticides used in agriculture include insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and rodenticides. Although these have been used by farmers since the 1940’s to help protect crops, more and more weeds and insects are growing immune to the effects of pesticides.
Why Are Pesticides Used?
Pesticides are used to chemically protect meat from pests and insects which could spread disease. They are also used to kill unwanted plants and weeds which would harm farming efforts.
How Do Pesticides Affect Our Health?
Large amounts of pesticide exposure could lead to pesticide poisoning, which has been linked to neurological problems.
How Does This Affect Meat?
The pesticides which are used on plants and animal feed are then ingested by livestock, which then accumulates in the fatty tissue of the animal and is often found in the resulting meat and dairy products.
What Are The Alternatives?
There are alternatives to pesticides, including, crop rotation, trap crops and the use of natural pesticides to prevent unwanted plants and insects contaminating food.
How Is Organic Meat Different?
Organic meat is not affected by pesticides and the livestock is reared on an organically run farm. No artificial pesticides are used on crops or plants, so meat is brought to you without the use of chemicals.
So if you choose to purchase organic fruits and vegetables, it’s may also be worth considering making the change to organic meat and dairy too. Here at Graig Farm, all of our produce is organic and is reared by ourselves on our very own British farm. If you’re looking for good, quality organic meat, look no further than the range of produce available on our store.
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