Organic Food: What’s The Difference?


At Graig Farm we are specialists of everything organic, and when it comes to food we like to think we know a thing or two! For over a decade, As a keen farmer myself I make it my interest to work with closely with local farmers and offering the UK the finest organic produce around! Even though organic food has become much more prominent in British food lately a lot of people still don't actually know the difference between inorganic and organic. With many brushing off organic food as being too expensive or not as easily accessible we're here to try and turn that opinion around! Organic food certainly is the way to a healthier lifestyle, along with offering immense flavour, any meal benefits massively from organic produce!
When it comes to ‘organic’ food there are a number of contributing factors which actually classify it to be organic.
Vegetables and other ingredients which are grown, such as the ones used in our organic spirits and wines have to meet strict rules and have to be grown without the use of:

  • Pesticides
  • Synthetic Fertilizers
  • Genetically modified plant feed or soil purifier.

Where as with meat products such as pigs, cows, chicken and lamb all have to be clean from growth hormones and any antibiotics. Organic farmers allow their livestock roam free, enabling a relaxed atmosphere giving the chance to graze of their own accord, which in turn gives the meat a much greater flavour and tenderness.
When it comes to choosing organic over inorganic food the benefits are apparent and plentiful. At Graig Farm it gives us a massive sense of pride to be able to say that the stock we have available, from our own farm and other suppliers allows you to massively reap the benefits of 100% organic food. Benefits of organic food include:

  • Fewer harmful pesticides.
  • The various food colourings that are included in organic food, such as tartrazine have been linked to allergic reactions.
  • The taste is far superior to inorganic food, due the calm and relaxed nature of the animals.
  • A much more sustainable way to farm, and friendlier on wildlife.
  • Far less harmful to the ground and soil. Reduced usage of pesticide allows the soil to recover quicker.
  • Animals aren’t given any antibiotics or modified feed in any way, which allows them to grow healthier and correctly. The fact that they are raised naturally massively reduces risk or disease.
  • It’s much healthier than inorganic, promoting a healthier lifestyle. Many studies indicate that there is an increased mineral levels and vitamin C level in organic produce.
  • With organic food there is a harsher policy on the amount of additives allowed in the food, around 30. Compared to the 500 that are usually used in non-organically raised and sourced food and produce.

Check out our exceptional range of organic meat, fish and other produce available at Graig Farm at very attractive prices, and get it delivered right to your door!

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