BBQ Cooking - Tips and Tricks

BBQ Cooking - Tips and Tricks

Want to get the most out of your barbeque this summer? Then follow our top tips on how to grill your way to perfect outdoor meals. Whether you are using a gas or charcoal barbeque, you can create a Michelin starred restaurant in your very own garden this summer if you follow our barbeque advice.
#1 - Make sure you empty out any old ash that may have been left in your barbeque. Also clean the grate with a wire brush and get rid of any dirt and rust.
#2 - Gas and charcoal are both good choices of barbeque, although charcoal will add a smoky flavour to your meat. Hickory wood is great for pork while fruitwood is best for seafood. If you're cooking beef, try using Mesquite wood.
#3 - If you are using a charcoal barbeque, make sure the coals are grey and glowing before cooking. This means the heat is at its highest which is what you need for a good flame grill.
#4 - Have a good selection of tools to hand. Tongs, a fish slice, a marinade brush and a thermometer should be your go to barbeque accessories.
#5 - After taking meat out of the fridge, leave it to sit for around 20 minutes to take the chill off  and allow it to reach room temperature.
#6 - Try and marinate meat in a sauce overnight to add extra flavour. Put some of the marinade aside and use this to brush onto the meat just before cooking.
#7 - If you are cooking meat which is still on the bone, use indirect heat. Any meat which is boneless should be grilled using direct heat.
#8 - Check to make sure the meat is thoroughly cooked through by using a sharp knife to make a slit. If you are cooking fish, simply press down on the flesh and if the flakes come apart, it’s done.
#9 -  Always let the meat rest before serving. The meat will still be cooking even after you have taken it off the barbeque. Resting will also allow the meat to reabsorb the juices.
#10 - Always have a selection of side dishes to serve with your meat. Coleslaw, potato salad and couscous are all good options which can be prepared ahead of time. Flatbreads are also great and can be grilled alongside the meat.
Hopefully our tips and tricks will allow you to hone your barbecuing techniques and host the best barbeque in town. If you are shopping around for meat to cook on your grill, why not check out the selection of organic produce available at Graig Farm? We have a range of delicious chicken drumsticks, succulent pork sausages and juicy beef burgers.
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