How to throw the perfect BBQ


Whether you want to cook up a quick lunch, a full dinner or have an all day party, there is no better way to do it than a BBQ in the glorious British summertime. As the weather hot’s up, BBQ’s are literally flying off the shelves. Here we give you our best tips on how to throw the perfect BBQ, leaving people coming back for more!
First of all, what type of BBQ should you purchase? The main choices are charcoal and gas. Grilling your meat over a white hot charcoal BBQ is the traditional method of BBQ cooking and it really does deliver fantastic results. Food cooked over charcoal will have a delicious smoky taste. Charcoal BBQ’s are normally cheaper to buy than gas BBQ’s but do require more time and energy, charcoal BBQ’s can be tricky to light and perfecting your cooking timings can take a while!
Gas BBQ’s are quicker and easier to cook on than charcoal BBQ’s, there is no waiting around for the charcoals to heat up and because the heat is adjustable there is a greater degree of control. Gas BBQ’s are much heavier to move than Charcoal BBQ’s. The biggest downside to Gas BBQ’s is the fact that food lacks that authentic smoky taste.
Now you have your BBQ, it’s time to throw that party! If you have a number of people coming, why not choose a BBQ theme? Fancy dress, Hawaiian theme or simply a chosen colour scheme are all fun ideas. As well as ensuring you have ample garden furniture… why not decorate your garden to match your theme? Citronella candles are also great for keeping annoying bugs away, whilst helping create a chilled out atmosphere.
Now onto the important part… the food & drink. Why not choose a signature drink for the day? Pimm’s is always a good summer option and always goes down well! Here at Graig Farm we have all the fresh organic meat you could ever dream of, meat which will be perfectly cooked on your BBQ. So set your BBQ aside and choose high quality produce including, steaks, sausages, burgers, chicken, turkey, fish, chicken, game and geese! Of course, it isn’t just the meat you need to concentrate on, side dishes are also vital; a wide array of sauces should also be available! Serve your meat with salads, cous cous, potatoes, bread and corn on the cob to ensure a fantastic feast!
This wouldn’t be a how to BBQ guide without some insider knowledge on grilling that perfect Steak either… Firstly, wipe your steak with olive oil on either side to prevent it sticking, then season one side of your steak with salt & pepper, cook the steak season down first to lock in the flavour, and then repeat on the other side. Once both sides have been heat sealed with their seasoning, cook the steak on the BBQ; turn it only once to prevent any juice escaping. Once the steak has been cooked, wrap in foil and leave to stand for 5 minutes, allowing the juices to distribute.
After your BBQ, make sure you clean your grill, leaving it ready for next time! Lemon juice is brilliant for removing tough cooked on stains! So now you are equipped with the knowledge to go out into the big world of barbecuing to impress! Enjoy!

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