Another Organic Harvest


Once again here at Graig Farm we have enjoyed a very successful organic harvest. The weather really has been so kind to us, allowing us to work in only shorts and t-shirts to get the harvest completed in record time. In the sunshine, cutting, drying and bailing doesn't seem so bad after all, especially when we are safe in the knowledge nothing we are doing is harming the local ecology! There are no fertilisers added to the soil here, just naturally nutrient rich soil.
Graig farm has always been looked after and nurtured, even when modern farming methods reached us, we refrained and continued the traditional way. My Great Uncle Pugh farmed these lands for 45 years and he never exhausted any of the soils… and it shows!
The pastures here at Graig Farm have never been so healthy, the wide variety of grasses, flowers and herbs which grow here ensure that our cattle get the very best hay for the winter. The cattle’s menu includes includes Vetch, Yorkshire Mist, Red Fescue, Montgomery Red (clover), and many more… not to mention the bouquet of meadow flowers. This amazing plant life is allowed to flourish as we never ever over graze any of our land. So apart from a delicious meal, what does this natural menu mean for our cattle?
Well all of the herbs and medicinal properties in our meadow ensure that our livestock stays healthy and happy, I also believe that providing these high quality ingredients for the cattle ensures the incredibly high standards or award winning meat is famous for. Interestingly enough, our cattle do not suffer under the same ailments cattle suffer from UK wide; I am a strong believer that their diet plays a huge role in this.
So now we look onto another long winter! To enjoy the fruits of our labour head to  our Organic Produce page.

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