3 Reasons to Go Organic this September

3 Reasons to Go Organic this September

Did you know that agriculture accounts for almost ¼ of global greenhouse gas emissions?


Intensive agriculture can have many harmful effects on the environment, but the good news is that you can help our planet by choosing organic options. For Organic September, we're raising awareness of all the great reasons to go organic.
Here are 3 environmental benefits of organic farming:
Less chemical pollution
The chemical pesticides and fertilisers used in traditional farming can contaminate soil and water and affect surrounding wildlife. Organic farming uses natural methods to maintain healthy, fertile soil and manage pests.
Looks after the land
Land degradation and soil erosion are major problems facing food production today. The world's arable land has decreased by a third over the past 40 years due to intensive farming practices. Organic farmers use methods such as crop rotation, green manure and composting to make the most of the land. Our motto is "Nothing added, nothing taken away."
Lower greenhouse gas emissions
Farming practices release gases such as carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide into the atmosphere. Organic farmers strive to be more earth-friendly and minimise these negative effects. Because there are higher levels of CO2 retained in organically managed soil, we can offset some of our contribution to greenhouse gas emissions.
Going organic means you’re doing right by our planet. 

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