5 Benefits of Going Organic

5 Benefits of Going Organic

Organic September has arrived, so we'll be sharing recipes, discounts and info about all things organic.
Organic farming isn't just a fad: the UK’s organic industry is growing every year because people are becoming aware of the many advantages of going organic.

Here are 5 benefits of organic produce:

1. No pesticides 
A lot of the non-organic fruit and veg you find in supermarkets are sprayed with various pesticides before reaching the shelves. At Graig Farm we only use natural pesticides, so you don’t need to worry about your food being laced with chemicals.
2. No GMOs
GMOs are strictly banned in organic farming because of the heavy use of pesticides, the damage they inflict on surrounding wildlife and the unknown long term health effects of consuming them. You can rest assured that we don't use genetically modified crops or animal feed on our farm.
3. No nasty additives 
Non-organic food is often packed with synthetic additives, preservatives and colourings to make it last longer and look more appetising. This isn’t the case with organic food, and as a result it’s fresher and more flavourful.
4. More nutritious 
Studies have shown that organic produce is higher in some vitamins and nutrients such as omega-3s and antioxidants. And because there are no chemical pesticides, you're not ingesting traces of them when you eat organic food.
5. Traceable, trustworthy source
When you buy organic produce, you can relax with the knowledge that it's from a fully traceable source. With organic food, what you see is what you get.
So for Organic September, why not tell your friends and family about the great benefits of going organic?

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