Welsh Lambs Playing


It has to be said that life is much easier when the weather is as nice as it is. I absolutely love the spring and this has to be the best ever.
About 20 days ago Max (middle son) asked, ‘Is it spring yet?’, ‘Nearly’ I said, He said yesterday ‘This is summer isn’t it?’ He is not to far wrong…well it feels like.
I always refer to playing lambs as’The school sports day’, they will run back and forth and if they find a lump of soil that the tractor has tipped, all the better showing off the ram potential in them.
The daisies are pushing through the grass I can see, and they do not normally come till about May.
Our nature pond has so many frogs in, it is worth listening too, the pond is full of a gelatinous mass of frogs' eggs (spawn) the weather must be perfect.
As the day goes on, there is the full smell of spring in the air and I notice a wake of Red Kites above me…what a sight to see. I assume they’re waiting for the after birth from the lambing.
There are so many animals that rely on the lambing season to fill their bellies but now under city rules we are to dispose of all carcasses (costs a fortune and poor Kites!). The poor old Fox has to take live lambs as there is so little food about.
We have had no rain for over twenty days but we still have plenty of water on the Farm we have a good brook running through and very good wells. The cows are nearly finished calving and the ewes are just a third through. The sheep hold on to their lambs in nice weather and any signs of storms they all lamb at once. So look out this weekend!

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