Summer in March Winter in April


We had a little shock on Wednesday morning with a heavy fall of snow.
With a cold north wind the farm really does suffer as all the farm buildings face north, designed to keep out the wind and rain from the southwest. As you can imagine snow gets everywhere.
It was a mad rush this week with record orders for Easter, and all out by Wednesday. To top it all, I had to take all the orders out in our lorry as the vans lacked the grip.
Pleased to say no hiccups.
Farm life becomes three times as hard when the weather turns like this but we cannot complain. The mountain road was unpassable by a 4 x 4 so feeding the mountain ewes took much longer than usual. Their diet today was meadow hay. It is always hard for a Shepherd to search for the lambs as they take cover in rushes and gorse bushes from the sharp winds whilst their mother looks for food.
Maldwyn, Max and Archie took full advantage of the snow sledging and so on.
Do hope you all have a really good Easter and thank you all for loyal support making farming possible for Sally, I and the boys.

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