Graig Farm Goat


Graig Farm Goat
At Graig farm we have been supplying goat meat throughout the UK via mail order for many years.
Our goats are all reared outside where they can forage in their natural habitat.
As you are probably aware goats get everywhere, and are not content with just eating grass!
They will indeed take advantage of the young growth in trees and hedge rows and I am sure it all contributes to the delicious flavours.
Goat meat is widely consumed throughout Africa and Asia and is very much a delicacy in some parts of Europe.
It is rich in flavour and generally is much leaner than lamb.
Over the years we have seen huge growth in sales due to its quality.
Goat meat is the most commonly consumed red meat in the world.
Apart from its unique taste, goat also has a range of health benefits to offer.
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There are many different health benefits linked to goat’s meat.
Researcher claims that the risk of cancer is dramatically reduced due to the high levels of
CLA (a fatty acid linked to the prevention of cancer). It’s also a good fat burner due to the Vitamin B content, high protein values and low levels of saturated fat, therefore helping to control weight. But perhaps the biggest health benefit to eating
goat is the reduction in the risk of coronary heart disease and other serious heart conditions. This is partly due and unsaturated fats, thus improving blood cholesterol levels.
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