The snow must go on!


Whether you like it or not, the snow must go on!
We have seen the week through with blizzards and ice.
It became a nightmare as we spent so much time on the road ferrying our staff from civilization to the farm and collecting goods to keep the butchers going.
Snow makes the farming day very hard and as the welfare of the animals comes first, feeding the sheep becomes quite a task.  Tractors are very good in deep snow, however due to the snow being very wet and the addition of a little frost, our mountain roads become ice rinks.  Sometimes walking can be the only option to get to the stock.
Sheep can be lost in 20 foot snow drifts but all good farmers will assess which way the wind is blowing and knowing which fields drift, so the sheep can be moved to the most sheltered side of the hill.
The sheep all need feeding in such storms. We prefer good old fashion meadow hay as this will fill their bellies and give them all they need to combat another cold night.
It was quite hard getting all our parcels out to the main road but never the less, we achieved it every day.
All in all with a little hard work and plenty of determination from our team the show most definitely goes on!
Jonathan Rees

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