Graig Farm Supports Gluten Free

Graig Farm Supports Gluten Free

Over the last 10 years we have been supplying people with Gluten Free Produce all over the UK.
Having my Wife and Mother suffering with coeliac disease it has become my long term passion to pursue these issues and find solutions. For those of you who already order from us, you know that we can often provide a gluten free alternative and in some cases we have created bespoke produce already. Look out for the gluten free symbol or search for gluten free on our website.
Whilst talking to my Grandfather he mentioned that wheat used to grow up to his waist but now it’s about 1 foot high – what happened?
Simple answer is (Man) Farmers have been pushed by the government to produce cheaper food or ‘super grains’ that have a higher protein content and deemed more nutritious thus resulting in a higher level of intolerances, we are not saying GMO is to blame but possible hybridisation (scientists choose particular strains of a plant with desirable characteristics, and breed them to reinforce those characteristics)
So my Grandfathers waist high grains are a thing of the past and replaced by modern wheat which is shorter, browner and far higher yielding wheat – dwarf and semi-dwarf wheat crops have replaced their taller cousins and these wheat strains take less time and resources to produce a robust crop.
Everyones coeliac journey is different but Graig Farm will help wherever possible, we’ve produced a Gluten Free Box to help

Gluten Free Box 
As I'm sure you're already aware most of our produce is inherently gluten free as with all meat, fish and poultry but this takes the gluten out of sausages and burgers!


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