Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Graig Farm based?

Based in the beautiful mountains and valleys of Wales, Graig Farm Organics can be found in Montgomeryshire. Continuing the Welsh tradition of tasty and award winning produce, Jonathan Rees and his family are proud to bring you only the very best quality organic goods.

What is the organic system of farming?

Both practical and pure, the organic system of farming minimises chemicals in food, whilst abiding by the highest standard of animal welfare. There is nothing mysterious about organic farming, it is simply a low input, low output system. The organic approach to farming states that only a natural approach should be carried out, without the interference of chemicals.

What is organic meat?

The organic meat production has a list of primary characteristics that you may or may not already know. It is a legally defined standard and operates to the highest levels of animal welfare. At least 95% of animal feed has to be grown to organic standards, this means no routine drugs, growth promoters, animal offal or any other type of additives are given to any animal. Each organic production must have a registered, documented and inspected trail from “farm gate to dinner plate”. Farmers are forbidden to use artificial fertilisers or pesticides on crops or grass as well as Genetically Modified Organisms.

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Is organic meat more expensive?

Farming organically requires an extensive amount of change from modern intensive farming practices. A minimal approach to the use of inputs and more often much lower production levels. Although organic farmers use fewer inputs and save money in doing so, they also miss out on the financial benefits and increased production levels of everyday modern farming inputs. In order for organic farms to remain financially stable, organic farmers must receive more for their produce than your typical conventional farmers.

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How to eat organic meat?

Here at Graig Farm we love discovering new and old recipes and this is why we encourage our customers to head on over to our blog and try something new. From the perfect sunday roast to a selection of tasty pasta dishes that make the perfect mid week treat - we know your taste buds will be ready to try our favourite recipes.