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Organic Ham

Organic Ham

A British favourite, organic ham is perfect for family roasts, Christmas dinners and sandwiches too. Dry cured using our traditional recipe, our hams offer unbeatable quality and flavour. Browse our joints below and get free delivery when you spend over £50.

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Free Range Ham

Ham is a great meat for Sunday lunches and festive family meals because it’s rich in flavour and there are so many ways to prepare it. Whether you enjoy it slow roasted or glazed with honey, you’ll find the right ham here at Graig Farm.

Available in smoked and unsmoked varieties, our organic pork ham is traditionally dry cured to give you superb flavour. We provide multiple sizes, varying from 650g to 4kg, but we can provide other sizes by special order.

Fancy something a little less conventional? Mutton is a long-lost British tradition that we think should be brought back to life. Our delicious organic mutton ham is cured with mint and rosemary, making it ideal for weekend roasts.

Why Choose Organic?

When it comes to animal welfare and food quality, there’s nothing better than organic produce. Our organic pork and mutton are free to roam, which means they can forage for food, express their natural behaviours and feel the sun on their backs. Because of their healthier lifestyle, organically reared animals are much happier and tend to provide leaner meat.

Here are some other great benefits of organic food:
• No routine antibiotics or growth hormones
• No GMOs
• No pesticides
• No additives or preservatives
• Fully traceable

Check out the recipes on our blog for some tasty organic meal ideas.

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  1. Organic Mutton Ham - Cured with Mint and Rosemary

    Organic Mutton Ham - Cured with Mint and Rosemary

    1.7-1.9kg (feeds 5-6)
    Special Price £33.76 Regular Price £45.01

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