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Wonky Veg

Did you know that food waste in the UK amounts to £10bn each year? By choosing organic wonky veg, you can reduce food waste and support farmers. Here at Graig Farm, we don’t judge vegetables on their shape or size. As long as they taste delicious, they’re good enough for us. 

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Why Wonky Veg?

Buying wonky veg can help to reduce food waste, an important issue in the UK today. Supermarkets set high aesthetic standards for fruit and vegetables, meaning farmers throw away huge amounts of perfectly good produce each year because it doesn’t meet requirements. Farmers then have to over-produce in order to make up for the rejected food.

This system doesn’t just waste food: it wastes all the resources that go into producing it. So how does wonky veg solve this issue? By choosing veg that doesn’t live up to supermarket standards, you can help minimise food waste and help farmers sell more of their produce.

Why Choose Organic?

Here at Graig Farm Organics, we don’t mind if carrots are a bit crooked. We care about the quality and flavour of our veg rather than judging appearance alone. That’s why all of our organic veg is technically wonky veg. Produced without pesticides and additives, our veg is an eco-friendly option and tastes great too.

Thanks to our handy food boxes, organic vegetable delivery has never been easier. Our standard veg boxes are packed with a range of the finest seasonal veg, including cabbages, potatoes, mushrooms and much more. If you’re making hearty winter dishes, our soup and casserole veg boxes are perfect. These have everything you need to make warming meals throughout the colder months.

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