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Graig Farm Wholesale Information

You can now order through our website which we hope will make it easier for everyone! It will help us manage out stock levels and you will 

Once you have activated your account we will send you a discount code which will give you 100% off wholesale produce.


Things to know when ordering through our website:

  • You will have to keep to the product list in order to qualify for Wholesale prices. The discount code only applies for products that are available for Wholesalers. So if you add a product to your basket that isn't in the product list you won't get a Wholesale price.
  • As a Wholesale customer, you're also able to specify a mark-up % to be applied to the product labelling, which will automatically calculate and print the retail cost of the goods for your customers. If you are an existing customer we will already have on your account what your mark-up is. If you wish to change it, if you let us know in the order comments and we will change it on your account.
  • You will be asked to select a delivery date when checking out but we can't guarantee it will be delivered that day. We do not dispatch Wholesale orders on a Monday and not normally on a Tuesday either.
  • You will be sent a dispatch email when your order has been completed then your order will be deliver the next day. 

General Information:

  •  If orders aren't over £200 there will be a £15 delivery charge.
  • All meat, except Poultry is vacuum packed and with a product label and an additional batch traceability label.

Here is our Product List- 

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Here is our Christmas Product List- 

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