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Organic Vegetable Delivery

Why not avoid the supermarket queues and have your veg delivered? Our organic vegetable delivery service includes individual vegetables and handy boxes too. Get free delivery when you spend over £50.

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Get Your 5 A Day

Who doesn’t love a plate full of tasty, colourful vegetables and all the amazing health benefits they offer? From keeping us feeling strong and energised to providing disease-fighting antioxidants, vegetables really are the ultimate superfood. There’s no reason why we wouldn’t gobble up as much of them as we can.

You’ll find a selection of fresh vegetables including onions, potatoes and carrots, as well as veg boxes in large and small sizes. Whether you’re making hearty casseroles, flavourful soups or summer salads, we have the ingredients you need to make the perfect meal.

Why Go Organic?

When you choose organic food, you’re supporting sustainable, eco-friendly farming methods. Concerned about pesticides and additives in your food? You can rest assured that organic veg contains no pesticides or preservatives, meaning it’s healthier for you too.

Here are some more advantages of going organic:
• Food from a fully traceable source
• Produced by local, independent farmers you can trust
• No GMOs
• Better for wildlife, the environment and for you

Need even more reasons to go organic? Here are some of the benefits of organic produce. Why not complement your veg with some of our award-winning organic meat? Browse our quality selection of chicken, pork and beef.

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    Essential Veg Box


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