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Sustainable Fishing

At Graig Farm we take great care to use fishing methods that are 100% sustainable. Our farming practices ensure we don’t cause unnecessary damage to the land, and we’re committed to getting the best flavour out of our livestock without harming the environment.

We produce a range of delectable organic fish, which includes everything from salmon filletssalmon steaks and king prawns to mackerel filletsArbroath smokies and kippers. We even provide fish boxes so you can order a selection of your favourites together.

The fish in our collection is rich in flavour and packed with essential nutrients and vitamins like Omega 3. Why not try out some of our delicious seafood recipes?

Our Commitment

We’re very proud of our organic farming methods. We’ve been using sustainable practices since the 1940s, and our expertise comes from generations of passion and hard work. We’re dedicated to providing our customers with excellent meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, wines and spirits, which is why we’ve won several awards for the quality and taste of our produce.

Our family-run farm is nestled in the beautiful Welsh valleys and we’re committed to breeding and rearing superb organic produce. You can rest assured that we don’t use any synthetics, pesticides, antibiotics or growth hormones.

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