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Organic Beef Kidney

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Grass Fed Organic Beef Kidneys

Graig Farm organic beef kidneys come from our high grade, grass fed cattle. Our beef kidneys have a rich texture, deep flavour and are high in protein and minerals.

The strong flavour can be too rich for some people and can be diminished by soaking in in milk or water (with lemon juice). This can be an important step in the preparation.

  • Organic beef kidneys
  • Native Welsh cattle
  • Grass fed animals (more)
  • Rich & flavourful
  • Protein & mineral rich

Each Beef kidney weighs about 1lb (450g)

How your order is boxed

Our Organic beef kidneys are divided into many small lobes and the whole, organic beef kidney weighs about 1lb (450g). To prepare the grass fed beef kidneys just remove the fat, peel off the outer membrane, cut out core and remove gristle. Then give the pieces a good rinse in cold water.

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Weights (kg) 0.45
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