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Organic Beef Chuck Steak

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The chuck steak is a slow cooking steak from the forequarter of the animal. Similar in flavour to the rib eye steak, grass fed chuck steak has a light, tender texture and great tasting beef flavour. Just cook your chuck steaks slowly by braising or stewing.

Graig Farm organic grass fed beef chuck steak is an exceptionally high quality. Our traditional grass fed Welsh farming methods have resulted in us winning many taste awards year on year for our organic beef, lamb and poultry.

  • Organic chuck steak
  • Grass fed cattle (more)
  • Native Welsh breeds
  • Age matured for extra flavour
  • UK Award winning beef
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Beef chuck steak requires slow cooking to bring out the delicious flavour. A few hours on a low heat will result in a deliciously tender chuck syeak that will melt in your mouth. Tender beef chuck is great for slow cooking in a casserole with wine and perfect in a curry.

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