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Pickled Beef also known as Corned Beef or Salt Beef

Pickled Beef also known as Corned Beef or Salt Beef

In the early years of my life  pickled beef / corned beef or even salt beef was one of those fine dishes that could lay on the kitchen table during the harvests months as a meat dish that was surrounded by great summer greens pickles and chutneys or even that old fashioned lovable hot pot.
Our Organic Pickled Beef is cured in:-

  • Sea salt
  • Organic Juniper Berries
  • Roasted Black Peppercorns
  • Organic Allspice
  • Organic Brown Sugar
  • Organic Bay Leaves
  • Organic Coriander

Cooking instructions
Place your joint in a crock pot or something similar.
Place root vegetables, Potatoes,Carrots,Swedes,Parsnips,Onions etc  around the joint in the pot.
Pour 3 Glasses of  a full bodied Red wine  2 into the pot and one for yourself!
Place in oven 120C and cook for three hours.
You are now ready for your first hot meal consisting of Pickled beef surrounded by root vegetables.
And the remaining Pickled Beef can be sliced and served cold  with tasty summer salads and pickles and chutneys!
Jonathan Rees

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