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Organic Produce

Organic Produce

Our range of award-winning organic produce contains no additives, preservatives, growth hormones or chemical pesticides. So rest assured when buying your meat or vegetables from Graig Farm your buying the very best premium organic produce.

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Award-Winning Produce You Can Trust

At Graig Farm we provide a selection of award-winning organic produce, including meat, fish, vegetables and condiments. We source products from our family-run farm in Mochdre, Wales and other local producers. All of the animals are organically farmed to strict standards.

You can rest assured that we don’t use additives, preservatives, growth hormones and chemical pesticides in our farming methods. We believe that allowing animals to roam freely and graze on quality feed the key to providing delicious products for our customers.

Our range of organic meat includes everything from chicken, beef and lamb to turkey, pork and mutton. Choose from roasting joints, steaks, burgers, breasts, sausages, bacon and more to create mouth-watering meals packed with flavour. With a number of cuts on offer, you’re bound to find something to your taste.

Check out our collection of yummy recipes to give your taste buds a treat.

Why Choose Organic?

People are increasingly abandoning the industrially processed food commonly found in supermarkets and choosing organic alternatives instead.

Organic food is preferred because it’s free from additives, chemical pesticides and GMOs. Other benefits include:

  • No growth hormones or antibiotics
  • Free range animals with better quality of life
  • Protection of wildlife and their habitats
  • Sustainable management of land and soil
  • Reduced pollution and CO2 emissions

See more information on the advantages of organic farming.Shop for organic food at Graig Farm and get free delivery on orders over £50. 

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