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Organic Wine & Spirits

Organic Wine & Spirits

We stock an impressive range of organic spirits & wines from some excellent names. You aren’t limited to just wine & spirits at Graig Farm, we also have a fantastic collection of organic beer and cider for you to choose from. So if it’s a full bodied red, a crisp white, something with a bit of fizz or something a whole lot stronger we’ve got the ideal accompaniment for your meal here at Graig Farm!

Keep an eye on our selection of new products for all the latest organic and non-organic offerings from Graig Farm. 

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Why choose Graig Farm?

If you’re looking for top quality organic produce, which includes meats, fish, vegetables and wine & spirits, Graig Farm is perfect for you! We take great pride in being able to offer 100% organic produce that’s delivered right to your door, so if you don’t have time to get to the supermarket, or if you want to order from a company that's been proven to deliver delicious organic meats, fish and wine & spirits, at Graig Farm we’ve got something for you.  Since we’ve been supplying the nation with delectable organic produce, we’ve won numerous awards at Graig Farm for the quality or our meats. If you’re having a special dinner party, or having a romantic meal and are struggling what to get on the drink front, Graig Farm has you covered with our impressive selection of wines & spirits at Graig Farm. Get in touch to arrange a convenient time for your delivery from Graig Farm now!

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