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Organic Turkey

Organic Free Range Turkey

Why settle for tasteless supermarket meat when you can tuck into premium quality organic turkey? Whether you’re shopping for Christmas dinner, family roasts or weekday meals, we’ve got delicious free range turkey for you.

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Although it’s a Christmas classic, turkey is a mouth-watering meat you can enjoy all year round. Sure, one of the highlights of Christmas Day is tucking into a delicious whole turkey, but there’s so much more on offer. Make everything from tasty turkey stir fry, succulent sausages, and even burgers with our turkey mince. With our selection of produce, you’ll never be short on meal ideas and can order turkey whatever the season.

When it comes to buying meat, you want to know you’re getting food that’s high in quality. Here at Graig Farm Organics, we’re specialists in producing great-tasting food for people to enjoy. Our turkeys are reared outdoors and are free to roam, ensuring they live a healthier and more natural lifestyle. With a diet of organically certified feed that’s free from GMOs, they provide a tastier, more nutritious meat.

Benefits of Turkey

As with organic chicken, turkey is low in fat, making it a leaner alternative to red meat. So why save it for Christmas when you can order turkey online and use it in yummy meals throughout the year?

Here are just a few benefits of organic, free range turkey:
• Rich in protein
• Source of nutrients like zinc, iron and B vitamins
• No pesticides and additives
• No GMOs

We believe that the better animals are reared and looked after, the better they taste. Why not check out the turkey recipes over on our blog for some meal inspiration? Buy turkey today and get free delivery when you spend over £50.

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