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Organic Chicken

Free Range Organic Chicken

Choose from our huge range of delicious free range organic chicken, from tasty organic chicken breasts and lean diced chicken to juicy thighs and drumsticks.

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Tasty Free-Range Chicken

Whether you’re after the perfect BBQ food or something for a Sunday roast, there’s a product for you in our collection of organic chicken.

Our expertise in farming comes from many generations of experience, and we take pride in the fantastic service we provide to our customers. The Mee family produces many of our free-range chickens, and they’re raised by knowledgeable stockmen so they can mature slowly.

Our chickens are free to enjoy the outdoors, grazing from dawn until dusk on fine quality ground. The fact that they are able to roam for hours a day means they offer a much healthier meat which you can use to make delicious and flavourful meals.

A Style of Chicken for Everyone

We provide everything from whole and half chickens to breasts, thighs and drumsticks. We also offer a selection of burgers and sausages which have become very popular due to their excellent blend of seasoning and amazing taste. If you want to try something a bit different, why not try our iron-rich chicken livers that are bursting with flavour?

Chicken is a great food because it’s so easy to prepare and there are thousands of ways to eat it. Check out our collection of mouth-watering chicken recipes for some new meal ideas.

We believe everyone should be able to enjoy organic meat at an affordable price. Ordering fresh produce straight to your door couldn’t be easier with Graig Farm. So don’t waste any more money on processed meat and go organic today!

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  1. Whole Organic Chicken

    Whole Organic Chicken


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