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Organic Meat Farms: 5 Interesting Facts

Organic Meat Farms: 5 Interesting Facts

Organic farming practices follow very high standards and they’re beneficial for animals, humans and the planet.
Check out these 5 facts about organic meat farms.

1) Animals are free range

Organic farming practices must follow strict animal welfare standards to ensure the animals have a high quality of life and are free from stress. Free range means livestock must be able to roam the outdoors, live in a spacious environment and not be subject to cramped conditions.

2) No GMOs, hormones or antibiotics

According to The Soil Association, the UK imports more than 1 million tonnes of genetically modified crops to feed animals on non-organic farms. GMOs, growth hormones and antibiotics are routinely used on non-organic farms, which make their way into our bodies when we eat those animals. These are banned from organic farming methods, and animals are fed grain, grass and chemical-free food instead.

3) Helps to tackle climate change

Agriculture accounts for almost a quarter of the globe’s CO2 emissions, and farming processes can cause pollution of surrounding water supplies, damage the soil and harm other wildlife. Organic farms work hard to reduce waste, minimise chemical pollution and support wildlife.

4) Encourages soil fertility

Without soil, we wouldn’t be able to grow nutritious food! Shockingly, less than 1/6 of the world’s land is unsuitable for growing crops, so protecting and maintaining it is more important than ever. Organic farmers don’t use chemicals which can destroy the land, relying on natural pesticides and crop rotation instead.

5) Promotes biodiversity

Approximately 31,000 tonnes of chemical pesticides are used in the UK every year. These chemicals are detrimental to certain wildlife, including bees and butterflies. Manufactured chemicals aren’t used as a method of pest prevention on organic farms, meaning surrounding wildlife can flourish.
Want to find out more benefits of organic farming? Read here.

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