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Organic Fruit Delivery

Whether you’re making sweet summer salads or topping up on healthy snacks, you can get your dose of fresh organic fruit without the hassle of supermarkets. We’ll deliver delicious fruit boxes straight to your doorstep to make things easy for you.

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Get Your 5 a Day

Our organic fruit box contains a range of colourful, fresh fruits that are simply bursting with goodness. Get a mixture of seasonal fruits from apples, avocados and oranges to pears, lemons and bananas. With so much choice on offer, eating the required 5 a day won’t be difficult at all.

Here at Graig Farm Organics, we’re specialists in producing great tasting organic foods and we’re passionate about making it accessible and easy to buy. That’s why we provide convenient food boxes you can have delivered to your doorstep. It’s important to know where your food comes from, which is why we work hard to source our fruit and veg from the UK.

Benefits of Organic Fruit

Eating plenty of fruit has countless health benefits. Not only do you get a wide range of essential nutrients and vitamins to ensure you’re healthy and strong, you benefit from disease-fighting agents like antioxidants.

When you choose organic, you can enjoy even more advantages. If you’re concerned about synthetic additives and pesticides in your food, organic alternatives are perfect for you. When you buy organic produce from Graig Farm, you can rest assured that there are no pesticides and artificial preservatives.

Here are even more benefits of organic:
• Locally grown from a traceable source
• No GMOs
• Encourages biodiversity
• Better for our environment

Why not check out our selection of organic veg too?

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  1. Essential Fruit Box

    Essential Fruit Box


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