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Organic Fore Rib Of Beef (On The Bone)

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Organic Fore Rib of Beef (On the Bone).

The organic beef fore rib is widely accepted as one of the giants of roast joints. Graig Farm grass fed fore rib of beef is the highest quality cut. Extremely tender and packed with flavour, Graig Farm organic beef fore rib joint is excellent for special occasions.

All our organic fore rib joints come from award winning, grass fed beef cattle such as the Welsh Black. Our animals are traditionally farmed the organic way so there are no nasty additives. We also age mature our beef for extra flavour and texture. A stunning cut at a favourable price.

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Cooking tips for organic beef fore rib.

When cooking your grass fed beef fore rib joint, it's widely accepted that the simpler the procedure the better. The fore rib of beef price is definitely not low so it's clearly important not to risk overdoing it.
We suggest roasting in hot oven and covering with bashed-up garlic & rosemary. Finally, add a knob of butter and serve up with all the trimmings.

Typical Values Per 100g
Energy value per kj 1052
Energy value per kcal 253
Fat 19.8
of which saturated 8.9
Carbohydrates 0
of which sugars 0.1
Protein 18.8
Salt 0.38
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