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Avoid the supermarket queues and get superb organic food delivered straight to your door. Choose from high quality chicken, pork, lamb, beef, veg and much more.

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Organic Produce You Can Trust

Looking for premium produce from a source you can trust? We’re a family-run farm located in the stunning Welsh valleys and we provide a variety of quality organic produce. Our range of food includes meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, wines, spirits and more. Your food is fully traceable, sourced from our own farm as well as other local producers.

Our organically reared animals are farmed using strict practices, and fewer pesticides, preservatives and additives are used. The animals on our farm can roam freely to their heart’s content, living on a diet of nutritious feed. We believe that organic farming methods result in healthier and tastier food for you.

As well as produce, we also offer plenty of delectable organic recipes for you to indulge in.

What Are The Benefits Of Organic?

Organic is growing in popularity as people want to be able to trust where their food is coming from. Here are some of the benefits of organic produce:
• No GMOs
• Fewer chemical pesticides
• No routine antibiotics and growth hormones
• Free range animals
• Promotes biodiversity
• Better for the environment

We make it easy to order delicious food straight to your door in just a few simple clicks. Try our tasty award-winning produce – we promise you’ll taste the difference! Get free delivery on orders over £50.

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