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Additive Free Goose Meat

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At Graig Farm, we offer a wide range of meats for you to choose from, including goose meat. Goose is a great choice for festive meals and makes the perfect centerpiece for a Christmas dinner. At Graig Farm, we feature only additive free goose meat, so you can have the perfect roasted bird for you and your family’s meal.

Choosing Goose

Goose is a popular choice for those who are looking for meat for festive occasions. Our free range 6kg goose will serve around 15 people and is ideal for a family Christmas feast. Prepared with all the trimmings, goose meat is a delicious meat that is perfect for your festive dinner.

What’s Available?

At Graig Farm, we only offer our 6kg Goose over the festive period. But if you’re looking for meat throughout the rest of the year, you will find a selection of free range turkey, chicken, game and goat on our store. We also offer a selection of organic vegetables and wines to accompany your meat.