London Olympic Games 2012

We are celebrating the London Olympic Games 2012 and we'd like to offer you a first order discount of 20%.

To obtain 20% discount off your first order, just enter the code GF674 at the checkout and you will receive 20% off everything in your basket. Yes, that's 20% off everything (Excludes Special Offers & Delivery).

10 Reasons to Buy Organic Produce from GRAIG FARM

  • Naturally great tasting produce.

  • Our NEW WEBSITE makes buying easy.

  • No food colourings such as tartrazine which have been linked with allergic reactionsheadachesgrowth retardation and hyperactivity

  • Only 30 highly monitored additives are permitted to be used in "organic" food (none of which have been linked to ill health), whilst more than 500 additives are permitted for use in non-organically processed foods.

  • There have been various studies that suggest that mineral levels (as well as Vitamin C) are higher in organic food. 

  • Organic systems aim to avoid the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilisers. 

  • Friendlier to wildlife and the environment. 

  • Food is produced without the routine use of antibiotics and growth promoting drugs

  • Recent research from the soil association suggests that eating organic is significantly healthier than non-organic.

  • Free delivery for orders over £50 and we now deliver on a Saturday - Free for orders over £100.

We hope you enjoy all of our lovely produce, and don't forget to claim your 20% discount.

Jonathan and the Team 

Graig Farm Organics