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Award-winning organic produce you can trust

We’re specialists in delivering high quality, natural organic food that’s ethically and sustainably produced. 

A family affair

We’re an independent, family run business committed to sustainable farming, high standards of animal welfare and exceptional quality produce. 

The Rees Family

“A well run, friendly family business, who consistently provide excellent quality meat and a very good service”

Mrs. Thompson, Reading

Organic Meat Delivery Throughout The UK

Graig Farm Organics is a family-run business in the Welsh valleys, a perfect location for rearing livestock. We’re specialist meat producers and master butchers who pride ourselves on supplying award-winning organic food to both the end consumer and wholesale markets.

We take pride in our fast, convenient and affordable organic meat delivery service. You can order premium cuts of tender beef, tasty lamb, succulent chicken and delicious pork straight to your doorstep. Choose from roasting joints for Sunday lunches and family get-togethers, or sausages, steaks and chops for BBQs and summer meals. You can even order meat, fish and veg boxes to stock up on your favourite foods.

Organic farming is a sustainable system that aims to minimise chemicals in food, reduce environmental impact and maintain high standards of animal welfare. Our aim is to produce ethically reared organic meat that’s healthier for you and less harmful for our planet. Our organic, free range produce doesn’t contain pesticides, preservatives or GMOs, giving you tastier, healthier food without the added junk.

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