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Minced Rose Veal 430-470g Pack

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Prime Minced 'Rose Veal' 

Ideal for that quick evening  dishes

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'Rose Veal' is similar to beef but has a smoother texture, richer taste and is lower in fat and cholesterol.

As with traditional beef, it is available in the regular cuts - steaks, escalope's, mince and casserole meat - and there are additional specialities such as liver and shin.

Unlike 'white veal' where the calf is reared to 16 to 20 weeks old and fed entirely on milk, the 'Rose Veal' is fed milk replacer to a maximum of seven litres a day until they are eight weeks old by which time they have been weaned onto a highly fibrous diet. As a result of their varied diet they produce a pinker, tastier meat than that of 'white veal'

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