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Graig Farm Going Plastic Free

Graig Farm Going Plastic Free

Graig Farm Going Plastic Free

We have decided to make available to our customers, an option to have the majority of our wonderful organic produce delivered without the use of plastics.
We are aware of the effects plastics are having in the UK and indeed worldwide. There are steps that we can all take to make a difference and take responsibility for the good of our planet. We at Graig Farm intend to do our part.
Graig Farm has been working on this objective for some time now and we are aware that our polystyrene boxes, although recyclable, are a big problem and are often awkward to dispose of safely.  We also looked at the plastic vacuum pouches which we currently use to pack our products.
In the future, our products will be delivered in an insulated cardboard box. The insulation in the box is a biodegradable compostable woollen liner and the outer casing is recyclable. Although the pouches are specifically designed for food, we have decided to go back to the traditional way of packaging meat in ‘peach paper’ also known as ‘butcher`s paper’. Having conducted many tests, we are happy that this packaging will have no negative effects on the products and may even improve the quality of certain products.
These are the first of many changes we intend making. We will begin sending orders out in these new boxes and wrapping in the next few weeks.
Soon there will be an option on the website to choose your packing requirements but the default will be paper wrapping. There is obviously an added cost associated with our new packaging which we have decided to absorb ourselves. The only change we will be making is that our minimum order value to qualify for free delivery will be £75.
As you can imagine this is a huge move for Graig Farm. As much as we’d like to go totally plastic-free straight away, there are certain products that we haven’t yet found a suitable replacement for e.g. the tape around the box, the plastic coating on our labels and the plastic pouches for longer-term freezing. There are also products such as liver and frozen products which we are unable to wrap in peach paper. We are working with packaging developers in order to resolve the remaining issues.
We are 100% committed to making these changes work and within a short period of time, we hope to become a completely plastic-free company. Having already spoken to many of our customers on this subject, we are certain you will share our passion for the wellbeing of the planet and the life upon it and support the changes we are making.
Personally, I have always maintained that the greatest knowledge in agriculture has been learnt from the past, therefore, yet again,
I look to the past, in order to create a better future”.
Jonathan Rees

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