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Graig Farm Charity Work

Mozambique 2012

Jonathan returns from Mozambique

The trip was both amazing and rewarding. We were working on a orphanage and building a church.

It was a privilege to see the children’s facilities improved by giving them modern toilets that have pipes that carry the waste from them. We dug trenches miles in length, well it felt that way!

We also made the electricity safe in the buildings.

It was quite special to see the children and how happy they were with very little. It makes you wonder how many problems we have, and how much is brought on by ourselves.

James and Henry( below) Their mothers abandoned them as young children.

Building the Church

It was fantastic opportunity and we are really grateful to all those who made it possible. 

Mozambique 2011

Graig Farm supporting                                                                                                 


We have 24 children and six staff looking after them as live in house keepers and mums.

The staff live at the orphanage for a week at a time, in pairs, and then a swap over is carried out. The staff not only look after and care for the kids, they also cook, and wash, clean and tidy up after the children - no mean feat!  
Widows Support Program
We actually support 30 widows in total with a small monthly gift to help them with the bare essentials.
This program was previously described as a feeding program, but due to the nature of the recipients,
it has been renamed to a more clear and defined project.



Medical Centre
Built, finished and being used two days a week, this project needs much more input and support to reach the full potential of the initial investment funded by Deborah Roberts over the past few years. A concerted effort and regular giving and funds for this project are essential to see it really serve the community around the orphanage to the maximum.

Water Project
The water project has run incredibly well this year  (pardon the pun!) 
The project is now returning a good level of profit as well as
paying for one employee. This has met a very serious need in the
community, and is sustaining itself. Currently in Mozambique it is
very hot and the capacity of the current system is being evaluated
to see if more homes can have a piped supply. We have 85 homes fed directly from the tank. Each home has a water meter and is billed monthly. If capacity is proved to be no problem, the  
100 customer mark is in the plans for 2012.

Vision Mozambique                      

We are at the end of another special year in the Vision Mozambique calendar. The past 12 months have seen the work in the various projects continue and develop as well as a new one starting.

At this point in the year it is good to reflect and review what has happened, celebrate our successes and honour the people who have worked so hard to establish and maintain the amazing work in the nation of Mozambique.

Visit from the Presidents Wife 

One of the highlights of the year was the official visit of President Armando Guebuza's wife, Maria da Luz Guebuza, to our “Hope for the future Orphanage ” in Malavela. This took place in June and was a very special occasion with the highest honour for Martha and the team. This visit has opened doors to us that will hopefully produce more favour and help from the Government. Steve Thomas was able to meet with the administrator of theManhica region on his visit in July. The administrator gave us realencouragement and promised to help us in any way to continue the work and even develop it.

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In early September a Facebook page for Vision Mozambique was established and this is regularly updated and photographs uploaded about the mission. These have included a photo of each of the children in the orphanage and of each church and leadership team. If you have access to Facebook I encourage you to "Like" the page to keep in touch with current news and updates.                                                                                                    


Purchase of New Rescue Centre 

During Steve Thomas' July trip, he viewed a house that was for sale. This was adjacent to Martha's house and had plenty of land with it. The house is already built and has running water and is supplied with electricity. On negotiation with the owner and a meeting with the trustees of VM, it was decided to purchase the house for the Rescue Centre project. 

This is a project to rescue girls caught in prostitution and help them to get into normal life with education and skills training. Bonnie Allaby had raised over £10,000 for this work and this year has finally seen the plan begin to fall into place. We still have to raise over £3,500 to finish paying for the house, but next year we should start to see a fantastic home develop into which rescued girls can be safe and valued, trained and equipped to live a completely different life. 

 Pastors’ Conference

In April Steve Thomas hosted a leaders’ conference in Maxixe in our church at Chiguane. He was joined by Simon Curgenven from Hope Community Church in Newtown Wales, and Matthew Williamson from PCF in Poynton, Cheshire. A three day event saw many leaders from the area encouraged and instructed in “Finance and the Kingdom of God”, “Marriage and Relationships”, “Leadership Character and Development” and the special message about Jesus’ sayings from the cross. This teaching was received with great enthusiasm and more will follow next year. The leaders of the churches are desperate to learn and get things right, and our little support in this area has had tremendous impact on the leaders and their local churches.



During the trip in July 2011 a clearer picture of the structure, costs and income of the projects was made possible.  

for opportunities to keep costs down and increase the use of funds we send out.                                                                      

The work is now basically split into four projects and programs.This will become five when the  Rescue Centre is

up and running.                                                                                                                                                                                  

Church Development

An on-going and critical part of the work we carry out is the development and support of churches and the leaders of the churches.

The goal is that through local churches working well and managed well, self-sustaining social action work can be delivered into the church community. Currently we support seven church leaders each month. The funds are less than required and this is an area we are trying to make others aware of for their support and help.

 If you would like to give or support the work in Mozambique the details are below

Bank Details

Bank: Lloyds TSB

Account Name: Vision Mozambique

Account Number: 01141080

Sort Code: 30-98-12

You can pay monthly or a one off gift, please let us know if you are sending support money by

entering a particular project or program in the reference field on your deposit. This is list of projects as follows:

  • Orphanage support
  • Church development and pastors support
  • Medical Centre Support
  • Widows Support
  • Rescue Centre support

Or alternatively “general support”. This really helps us as we can allocate this kind of support to any area or project that is in deficit at any particular time.

If you are a tax payer at the standard or higher rate of income tax, please ask for a Gift Aid form, this will allow us to claim back from the government a further 25% of any gift you give!

Contact information.


Postal address:

Vision Mozambique
Hawthorn Road
Cheshire SK10 5JN
United Kingdom

Telephone: 01625 578100

We now have a facility for small one off donations that accumulate to make a massive difference.

Text VMOZ11 £10 to 70070 to donate to the work and make a difference today. JustTextGiving by Vodafone