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  1. 3 Reasons to Go Organic this September
    Did you know that agriculture accounts for almost ¼ of global greenhouse gas emissions?   Intensive agriculture can have many harmful effects on the environment, but the good news is that you can help our planet by choosing organic options. For Organic September, we're raising awareness of all the great reasons to go organic. Here are 3 environmental benefits of...
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  2. 5 Benefits of Going Organic
    Organic September has arrived, so we'll be sharing recipes, discounts and info about all things organic. Organic farming isn't just a fad: the UK’s organic industry is growing every year because people are becoming aware of the many advantages of going organic. Here are 5 benefits of organic produce: 1. No pesticides  A lot of the non-organic fruit and veg you...
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  3. What is Organic Meat?
    You may have heard that the UK’s organic food industry is on the rise and is now worth over £2 billion. But what is organic meat and how does it differ from factory farmed meat? Organic farming is all about working with nature to produce food in a sustainable way that’s better for animals, the environment and for us too...
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  4. What are Nitrates?
    Nitrates are naturally occurring chemical compounds that are often used as food preservatives. They have various useful properties, such as preventing growth of harmful bacteria, prolonging shelf life of food and maintaining the pink colour of meat. There is a lot of confusion about nitrates and the risks of consuming them. As with most things in life, there are pros...
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