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  1. How To Cook Perfect Roast Potatoes
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  2. Christmas is coming - watch our new video!
    Christmas orders are flying in don't forget to order here Here's our retro video starring Jonathan for your enjoyment!
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  3. All you need to know about home freezing
    For a farmer, living off the land is always the way forward. When I was growing up on the farm pickling and jam making were some of the main ways to utilise the abundant harvest. Meat was always considered to be a luxury and quite often the pig would be shared around family and friends. With salt being readily available...
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  4. Christmas 2019 at Graig Farm
    It's time to start planning for the Christmas and Holiday period. Here we give you top recipes and cooking tips for everything you need to create some fantastic meals for your family and friends. Click on the link here for our Christmas recipes and ideas:  Graig Farm Organics Christmas 2019 Click here to order your organic Christmas Turkey
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