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  1. GRAIG FARM GOES PLASTIC-FREE Graig Farm introduce plastic-free, biodegradable butchers paper packaging, and will make the whole farming process plastic-free in 2019 Jonathan & Sally Rees have decided to make the majority of our wonderful organic produce available without any plastic packaging to all our lovely customers. Why We Are Going Plastic-Free We are aware of the effects plastics are...
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  2. Graig Farm Going Plastic Free
    Graig Farm Going Plastic Free We have decided to make available to our customers, an option to have the majority of our wonderful organic produce delivered without the use of plastics. We are aware of the effects plastics are having in the UK and indeed worldwide. There are steps that we can all take to make a difference and take...
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  3. Organic September
    What is Organic September? Organic September is an annual campaign that aims to promote the benefits of organic food and spread the word about all things organic. It’s all about helping the organic industry grow and making people aware of all the great organic brands here in the UK. To celebrate, we're giving you 10% off meat and fish* when...
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  4. Our new range of Cornish fish is here!
    We know how important it is for people to know where their food is coming from. That’s why we’re working with a member of the Cornwall Good Seafood Guide (CGSG) to bring you fresh, sustainable fish you can have delivered to your door. The Cornwall Wildlife Trust is an organisation working to support conservation and they established the CGSG to...
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