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  1. Mutton Broth

    Mutton Broth
    From ancient times, "broth" meant the liquor of all meat. However as mutton was nearly always boiled, it was most likely to produce broth. In the medieval kitchen, the communal pot would have held a number of foods being cooked, and therefore the broth would have been a mixture of sources. When mutton broth was specially required, the following recipe...
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  2. Ingredients : 2 kg middle neck mutton cut into equal size 50g pieces 60 ml oil 60 g butter Seasoning 50g flour 700 ml brown chicken stock 350ml tomato concasse 350g mirepoix (onions, garlic, leek, celery, carrot, fennel) 80g tomato puree 1 faggot herbs 9parsley, thyme, bay leaf, crushed black pepper, 1 clove) 1 bunch chopped chives and parsley Garnish...
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