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  1. 5 Benefits of Going Organic
    Organic September has arrived, so we'll be sharing recipes, discounts and info about all things organic. Organic farming isn't just a fad: the UK’s organic industry is growing every year because people are becoming aware of the many advantages of going organic. Here are 5 benefits of organic produce: 1. No pesticides  A lot of the non-organic fruit and veg you...
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  2. Organic September
    What is Organic September? Organic September is an annual campaign that aims to promote the benefits of organic food and spread the word about all things organic. It’s all about helping the organic industry grow and making people aware of all the great organic brands here in the UK. To celebrate, we're giving you 10% off meat and fish* when...
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  3. How is organic farming better for the environment?
    As June 5th is World Environment Day and June 8th is World Oceans Day, it’s important to consider how our actions affect our planet, how is organic farming better for the environment? What can you do to help? You may already be aware that marine life produces around 70% of oxygen in the Earth’s atmosphere and plays a key role...
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  4. Organic vs Non-Organic: What’s the Difference?
    You may have heard about the popularity of organic produce and considering switching to organic options. The organic market in the UK is now worth over £2 billion, but why are more people making the change? What’s the difference between organic and non-organic? Here are some of the key differences between the two industries. Additives, preservatives and GMOs Conventional farming...
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