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On the Farm

  1. Preparing for Winter
    Here we are hitting September and so many things to be done on the farm in readiness for winter. Our list of jobs to do: Lift the spuds Cut firewood for winter Fence the meadow to stop the cattle getting out Fence around the round bale silage Put up a new tractor shed New water pipe from the well And...
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  2. Shepherd's Delight
    Getting up this morning was fantastic, with the sun kissing the rolling hills of Montgomeryshire. Today is the day that we gather the mountain ewes from the hills and part the lambs from their mothers in order to give the mothers a well earned break! The Lambs are selected in groups; boys (tups/rams) and girls (thieves/ ewe lambs), and then...
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  3. The Organic Harvest
    Harvesting organically means there is no extra method other than cutting, drying, and bailing. It’s the ingredients that make it all the difference, however. Tyn y Fron was formerly farmed by my Great Uncle Pugh, whose farming methods were far from modern. He remained farming here for 45 years as a bachelor and the great news is that he never...
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  4. Jonathan called out to shear
    What a day, shearing day! The day started at 6 a.m. getting ready for a big day, necessary props: Towel and Drinking Water. This is a little frightening as a boxer takes the same props to the ring. Some shearing facts Time to shear 1 ewe: Beginner - 15 minutes per ewe = 30 per day Good shearer - 3...
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