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On the Farm

  1. Organic farming - you are born to it
    We are organic because we farm organically not because of any organic inspection routine. My understanding of animal husbandry is quite simple, nothing added nothing taken away. Organic farming  it is not and never has been a factory industry, it is a culture it is a way of life you are born to it. Agriculture has become dictated by people who...
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  2. The snow must go on!
    Whether you like it or not, the snow must go on! We have seen the week through with blizzards and ice. It became a nightmare as we spent so much time on the road ferrying our staff from civilization to the farm and collecting goods to keep the butchers going. Snow makes the farming day very hard and as the welfare of...
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  3. A blast from the past
    As a child a leg of Montgomeryshire mutton was an only too familiar dish served on the family farm with some tasty root vegetables and a bouquet of mint it can only be described as a wonderful childhood memory. I have always been a great advocate for mutton knowing the flavours it has to offer. Organic farming methods lend themselves...
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  4. Grass Fed or Not?
    As the winter months draw nearer there are certain adaptations we have to make on the farm for the welfare of the animals.  Being organic means preparations have to start way back in the year in order to be able to survive the winter months. We have to make sure we can gather as much fodder (grass) as possible. We...
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